Refinishing: A Green Remodeling Alternative

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), new home building generates between 3 and 5 lbs. of construction waste per square foot of home. By contrast, a remodeling project can generate between 70 and 115 lbs. of waste per square foot!

Refinish First provides a Green Remodeling Alternative. We restore damaged and dated bathroom fixtures, tile and countertop surfaces and reduce the amount of unnecessary waste piling up in landfills.

Porcelain, steel and even fiberglass bathtubs do not need to be replaced just because they are no longer easy to clean or because they are the wrong color. Instead, Refinish First gives new life to fixtures by repairing rough surfaces and chips, changing colors, and restoring surfaces to look and feel like new.

Our refinishing process works equally well on porcelain, tile, cultured marble, fiberglass, and acrylic surfaces. With the Refinish First resurfacing process, homeowners avoid the expense of removal and replacement of bathtubs, related flooring, tile, and plumbing hardware. As a result, savings to homeowners can be as high as 75%.

With growing concerns over global warming, greenhouse gases, and ozone levels, surface restoration makes more sense than ever before. Not only does refinishing reduce the burden on landfills, it also helps reduce pollution created by manufacturing and transporting new fixtures.

Professional bathtub refinishing by Refinish First is a proven restoration process that can add fifteen to twenty years of life to a bathtub. Resurfacing not only saves homeowners time and money, but also the hassle and mess of remodeling. Refinish First’s process is unique in that it is the only system that does not use toxic etching acids and has a nearly 30 year proven record.

Refinish First’s most recent product innovation has homeowners resurfacing rather than tearing out and replacing kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities with a stone look finish. It’s affordable, extremely durable and available in a variety of colors, hues and textures. And it will provide a solid surface look at a fraction of the cost and time. Unlike expensive man made, granite or marble, Refinish First’s stone finishes can be quickly and economically repaired in the event of a chip.

With a bit of planning, a homeowner should be able to get the makeover look they want by refinishing instead of replacing. Using Refinish First, they’ll not only save themselves money, but also contribute to a better environment. We pride ourselves on taking the Green approach to remodeling.

Refinish First offers a five-year guarantee against peeling or failure of adhesion. A refinished surface should last 15 to 20 years using the same care and maintenance recommended by new tub manufacturers.