Pool Time

As spring is slowly creeping up on the region, summer won’t be far behind. That means it’s almost time to enjoy backyard BBQ’s, sunshine, popsicles and jumping in the pool. Which also means it’s time to get the pool in shape!

Swimming pools that are made of concrete or fiberglass can be refinished by Refinish First. They can also refinish the surrounding tiles. Refinishing takes far less time and money than replacing and creates a highly durable chemical bond, extending the life of the pool.

Pools accumulate a lot of gunk that can leave stains on the surface, making it look unappealing to take a dip in. Cracks can also appear in the liner, causing issues. Refinish First has the ability to fix those cracks, while making the surface look brand new again.

Whether fixing cracks and getting rid of unsightly stains on the liner, or just changing the color and shine, refinishing is a great way to update the pool. Contact Refinish First for a free estimate.