Add Value to Your Home

When thinking about remodeling or fixing up your home to increase the value before selling, there are two rooms that need the most attention; the kitchen and the bathroom. Out of all the rooms in the house, these two are the only ones that are likely to have semi-permanent fixtures. Walls can be repainted, carpets can be replaced, but cabinets and bathtubs can be pricey and difficult to replace.

The kitchen is often the first and last room buyers look at while touring a house. As a whole, people are spending more time in the kitchen than we have in the past. We gather there, entertain there and obviously, cook our meals there. Real estate experts are in agreement that you can get the greatest return from a kitchen upgrade.

Even simple upgrades can transform the entire room. Refinishing worn out or dated kitchen counters and painting the cabinets can bring your kitchen from dull and boring to bright and lively. You don’t always have to go big to get a big return.

Bathrooms are a high traffic area and can accumulate wear and tear pretty easily. A dingy shower-bathtub combo isn’t likely to attract many buyers. Cracked and chipped counters will make them run the other way. Buyers are looking for a clean, attractive space especially in a guest bathroom. Tile can bring an element of sophistication to any bathroom, but if it becomes cracked and needs to re-grouted, it can look like a nightmare. Refinish First can repair tiles and replace grout. Refinishing also seals the grout.

Putting even a small amount of effort and money into these rooms can pay out big. Talk to Refinish First about upgrading your home and get a free estimate.